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How to hack someone’s PC with a USB!

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Requirements :

1. Metasploit Framework
2. Operating System Windows or Linux.
1- Open your terminal
2- write cd /pentest/exploits/set
3- Run your Social Engineering Toolkit using ./set command
4- Choose number 3 Infectious Media Generator, and then for the next step you can choose File-Format Exploits because we won’t use straight executables exploit
5- Enter IP Address for Reverse Connection –> fill in with your IP Address(Attacker IP Address)
6- Select the file format exploit you want ( Actually you can choose what exploit you want to use, but in this case I’m using the default one number 11 “Adobe PDF EXE Social Engineering)
7- If you have your own PDF it was better, maybe you can use something that interest another people curious to open it, in this case I’m using my PDF Exams.pdf because I think it was really interesting file name
8- There is an option that allows you to leave the pdf Blank [ But I don’t recommend it ]
9- Now your Folder will be Generated
10- Go and hide autorun and template file
11- after that put them in The Usb
12- Send it to the Victim [ wait till he opens the pdf]
13- Start metasploit listener [ Multi/handler]
14- Set your payload
15- Set your lhost [ Your local ip if you want to hack in lan , you public ip if you want to hack over wan ]
16- type run
17- a Meterpreter connection will be delivered [ Don’t forget to open 4444 or 80 Port]

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